Xolo Maridueña | Girlfriend, Net Worth & Blue Beetle Facts

Meet DC Comics superhero film 'Blue Beetle' and 'Cobra Kai' TV series famous actor Xolo Maridueña, who has won the Saturn Awards for his role in Blue Beetle.

Xolo Maridueña

Who is Blue Beetle Famous Actor Xolo Maridueña?

American actor Xolo Maridueña (Romário Xolo Ramirez) is a film voice artist and natural talented young actor, who starred in the Netflix original series "Cobra Kai" and "Blue Beetle." In Cobra Kai, Maridueña stars as Miguel Diaz, the continuation of the Karate Kid franchise. His performance as Miguel truly highlights his incredible emotional range and unwavering dedication to his art.

Needless to say, his natural talent quickly turned him into a mature professional actor and he has been delighting the audience with his performances time and again since his acting debut.

Maridueña is of Mexican and Ecuadorian heritage, his versatile unique name means Dog Star (in the indigenous Nahuatl language).

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    Quick Facts

    Xolo Mariduena Quick Facts
    Photo: Instagram/@xolo_mariduena

    Name: Xolo Maridueña

    Birth Name: Romário Xolo Ramirez

    Born: June 9, 2001 (age 22 years)

    Birth Place: Los Angeles, California, U.S.

    Profession: Actor • Voice Artist

    Parents: Omar G. Ramirez (Father), Carmelita Ramirez Sanchez (Mother)

    Marital Status: Single

    Nationality: American

    Religion: Christian

    Sexual Orientation: Straight

    Sun Sign: Gemini

    Last Updated: June, 2024

    Top Questions

    • Who is Xolo Maridueña?

      Maridueña is a young American actor and the first Latino superhero character to feature in a live-action film.

    • Is Xolo Maridueña a martial artist?

      No. Xolo Maridueña is not a martial artist. However, he has a quite interest in martial arts and often practices them in real life; He has also participated in a few karate tournaments.

    • Does Xolo have a girlfriend?

      After his breakup with Cobra Kai actress Hannah Kepple, Xolo and Bruna Marquezine shared some photos on their social media, leading his fans to think they started dating. However, Xolo is not currently dating anyone. Read this topic

    • Is Xolo Maridueña Married?

      Xolo Maridueña is unmarried, and now he is not dating anyone.

    • What is Xolo Maridueña's religion?

      He follows Christianity and is a practitioner of the West African religion Ifa.

    • How tall is Xolo Maridueña in 2024?

      In meters- 1.75 m
      In centimeters- 175 cm
      In Feet Inches- 5'9"

    Education and Early Career Days

    Actor Xolo Maridueña was born on 9th June, 2001, in Los Angeles, California, United States in a multicultural household. He is of Mexican and Ecuadorian descent. Maridueña's father Mr. Omar G. Ramirez is a music producer and mother Mrs. Carmelita Ramirez Sanchez, a radio personality.

    Maridueña grew up in Los Angeles, with his four siblings. He has a sister named Oshún Ramirez, she is an actress. Oshún Ramirez and Maridueña starred together in "Blue Beetle."

    Maridueña completed his secondary education and honors graduation from Cathedral High School in California, then he attended the "New York Film Academy" in Los Angeles to master acting skills.

    During childhood, he developed an interest in performing arts and developed his acting skills through school performances and talent shows in community theater. He has always received praise for his craftsmanship from his peers, coaches, and industry leaders.

    Family Support

    Maridueña regularly credits his family for shaping his precious journey in media, interviews, and public appearances. His father's commands and forces were a valuable step forward in his career. His parents' invaluable lessons of humility and gratitude have helped shape his successful career. Their love and support lifted his performance to greater heights.

    Career and Significant Milestones

    In 2012, While an 11-year-old Maridueña was still in school, he participated in an open audition and landed a part in the TV series ‘Parenthood.’ He was praised for his performance in this role and was nominated for the 'Young Artist Award.' The story of the TV series was about the Braverman clan, which consisted of an elderly couple, their family, and their four children, and the series was a huge hit.

    The following year, he made his film debut with a supporting role as Manny in 'Dealin' with Idiots.' In the same year, he made a guest appearance in the crime genre TV series 'Major Crimes'.

    He appeared in a total of three TV series 'Mack & Moxy,' 'Rush Hour' and 'Furst Born' in 2016. Later in 2018, Maridueña appeared in the drama series 'Cobra Kai' produced by Katrin L. Goodson and Bob Wilson, based on the film series 'The Karate Kid' (2010). Playing the role of Miguel Diaz in this series, reignited Pugh's love of acting.

    Maridueña has voiced several animated series, including Victor & Valentino (2019), Fast & Furious Spy Racers (2020), Batwheels (2022), etc. Just like his acting in the film, his voice acting brought these characters to life and attracted audiences of all ages. This year, he voiced several lead roles in the superhero/adventure TV series Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur.

    Apart from continuing to film starring, he has also featured in several TV commercials, in 2015 he starred in a popular TVC called Valentine's Day Dinner.

    View Xolo Mariduena TV Commercials

    Breakthrough Role: Jaime Reyes in “Blue Beetle”

    Maridueña showcased his innovative acting skills in the popular DC Comics superhero film Blue Beetle. He gained fame for portraying Jaime Reyes in Blue Beetle. Jaime Reyes's portrayal of Maridueña was well received for her emotional and large-scale performance presentation. The film tells the story of Jaime Reyes' transformation from an ordinary boy to the superhero Blue Beetle.

    This popular sci-fi, thriller, and adventure DC Comics film was directed by popular filmmaker Angel Manuel Soto. It was made on a budget of $104 million and so far the film has grossed $131 million worldwide at the box office.

    🎬 Watch Blue Beetle on Hulu

    Challenges and Triumphs

    Maridueña faced intense competition in the entertainment industry while building a foundation for his career. He has endured countless challenges to achieve Hollywood success. He sees his failures as stepping stones to self-reflection and career success and demonstrates mastery and confidence through persistence.

    He won major roles and opportunities from casting directors and industry professionals through his talent, singleness, confidence, and perseverance, and successfully solidified his status as a rising Hollywood star.

    Also Read

    Popular Movies and TV Shows

    Xolo Maridueña has been cast in some fantastic films and TV series in his short career. His role in Cobra Kai was critically acclaimed, and established him as a potential new artist in Hollywood. As a young actor, Maridueña has gifted audiences with some outstanding hits so far in his short acting career, some of his massive hits include —

    Movies and Short films

    • Blue Beetle
      Movie, 2023
      Jaime Reyes (Main Role)
    • Goodnight America
      Short film, 2020
      Steve (Main Role)
    • Dealin' with Idiots
      Movie, 2013
      Manny (Main Role)

    TV Shows

    • 2025 – The Smurfs Musical
      as (voice) Under Release
    • 2024 – Marvel's Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur
      as (voice) (3 episodes)
    • 2022-23 – Batwheels
      as Snowy (voice)
    • 2022 – The Boys Presents: Diabolical
      as Aqua Agua (voice, 1 episode)
    • 2021 – Snacked
      as Self
    • 2019 – Fast & Furious Spy Racers
      as Lucas (3 episodes)
    • 2019 – Victor and Valentino
      as (voice)
    • 2018 – Cobra Kai
      as Miguel Diaz (65 episodes)
    • 2016 – Rush Hour
      as Isaiah
    • 2012 – Major Crimes
      as Stefan Camacho
    • 2010 – Parenthood
      as Victor Graham (50 episodes)

    Personal Life and Relashionship Nowadays

    In personal life, Xolo Maridueña likes to engage in non-recreational activities at home and spend time with family. Apart from Maridueña's acting in Cobra Kai, he is also a karate enthusiast. He incorporates his passion for martial arts into his daily routine and challenges himself physically and mentally. He also has much interest in painting and pursues a passion for music and creative creation.

    Maridueña is said to have been in a relationship with actress Hannah Kepple. He met Hannah Kepple during the first season of Cobra Kai in mid-2018 and started dating soon after. The two started sharing photographs and videos on their official social networks. Maridueña and Hannah Kepple broke up after two years of dating.

    He later shared a post featuring another co-star, Bruna Marquezine, from which fans speculated that they were dating. Maridueña is currently single.

    READ STORY: The Truth About ‘Cobra Kai’ Star Xolo Maridueña’s Relationship With Hannah Kepple

    Xolo Maridueña Height and Age

    Actor Xolo Maridueña has a handsome body, smiling face, and a muscular mesomorph-type body. His height is 175 cm ie 5.9 feet. And his weight is about 64kg which is equal to 141 lbs.

    He has curly long and fashionable dark brown hair and blazing dark brown eyes that are beautiful and attractive. Maridueña likes to go to the gym most of the time, which helps him maintain a handsome body and positive attitude.

    For comparison, Mariduena's height stands against other DC stars:

    • Xolo Maridueña (Blue Beetle): 5′ 9″
    • Ezra Miller (The Flash): 5′ 11″
    • Gal Gadot (Wonder Woman): 5′ 10″
    • Jason Momoa (Aquaman): 6′ 4″
    • Ben Affleck (Batman): 6′ 2″
    • David Corenswet (Superman): 6′ 4″

    Xolo Maridueña Net Worth

    Xolo Maridueña's net worth is approximately $2.3 Million USD in June 2024. This actor has been in the profession for almost nine years, and he charges $11K-14K per movie. Modeling, acting, voiceover, and brand endorsements have largely boosted his net worth.

    Revenue Info Last Updated: June 4, 2024

    Major Awards

    Xolo Maridueña achieved his first major award for the TV series Parenthood (Young Artist Award) in 2014. He was nominated for an Imagen Award in the Best Young Actor category in 2018 for his performance in the Cobra Kai series. He made a milestone in the acting industry with his character.

    He also won Rising Star Award and Saturn Award for his superior performance in the Blue Beetle TV series with great popularity. Among the top won and nominated awards are —

    • 2014 – Imagen Awards – Best Young Actor Nominated
    • 2014 – Young Artist Awards – Supporting Young Actor Won
    • 2015 – Imagen Awards – Best Young Actor Nominated
    • 2018 – Teen Choice Awards – Choice Summer TV Actor Nominated
    • 2019 – Young Artist Awards – Best Performance in a Streaming Film or Series: Teen Actor Nominated
    • 2022 – Rising Star Impact Award – Cobra Kai Won
    • 2024 – Saturn Awards – Best Younger Actor in a Film Blue Beetle Won

    Top Facts

    • Xolo's first on-screen kiss was with Mary Mouser, in Cobra Kai (S03, episode-09)
    • He is a streamer on Twitch, having his own Twitch channel called XoloCrunch, where he streams various games.
    • Mariduena has his podcast called "Lone Lobos", which he and American actor Jacob Bertrand both podcast. It can be listened to on iTunes or watched on YouTube! iTunes YouTube
    • Miguel Diaz's performance in Cobra Kai brought him into the spotlight much.
    • Xolo has a YouTube Channel related to the Cobra Kai Series, where he replies to his followers' questions about Cobra Kai and publishes various videos.

    Final Words

    Xolo Maridueña is a rising actor of remarkable potential and garnering considerable attention in the entertainment industry. Since starring in successful TV shows like Cobra Kai, Maridueña has become a sensational artist and has earned prestigious awards such as the Saturn Award in his career. In his personal life, he was in a relationship with Hannah Kepple for two years.

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