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Here are some of the most frequently asked questions on Unibiography.

#1. Is Unibiography a reliable source?

There is no consensus on the reliability of UNIBIOGRAPHY. As a self-published source, it is considered generally unreliable. Should be avoided unless the author is a subject-matter expert or the blog is used for uncontroversial self-descriptions. As a Unibiography visitor, if you visit and read regularly, you will be able to appreciate all the content yourself.

#2. Who is behind Unibiography?

Unibiography is one of the largest biography-based web portals in the world.
Antor Das is the founder of Unibiography.

#3. Can anyone edit website biographies?

Sorry, you can't. This is only completed by the Unibiography editors. Unibiography works with 3+ editors to create accurate and informative content. All posted articles are regularly reviewed and updated by the Unibiography team.

#4. Can I use photos that I see on Unibiography?

Sorry, no.

#5. Who manages the content?

Unibiography team of 13+ members are managing the website content from time to time and they specialize in their respective works.

#6. What are our data collection sources?

From authentic sources of the internet. Example: Times of India, Britannica, Biography, The Daily Star, TV, etc. Newspapers, Magazines Interviews, Telephonic interviews with the celebrities conducted by our team Getting information directly from the celebrities via email & other authentic sources. We also collect some data from various kinds of websites like Wikipedia, IMDB, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube & over the INTERNET. So, we are not taking any liabilities, if any information has gone wrong or false.


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