Jane Dipika Garrett (Miss Nepal 2023) | Bio, Net Worth, Facts & Miss Universe Controversy

Meet Jane Dipika Garrett, the history-making first plus-size Miss Universe contestant and Miss Universe Nepal 2023 crown-holder. Read about the inspiring journey and beauty secrets of the winner of Miss Universe 2023.

Jane Dipika Garrett (Miss Nepal 2023) | Bio, Net Worth, Facts & Miss Universe Controversy

Who is Miss Nepal 2023, Jane Dipika Garrett?

Jane Deepika Garrett is a 23-year-old Nepal Miss Universe winner and the first plus-size beauty pageant contestant to place in the top twenty at the 72nd Miss Universe pageant. Jane Deepika is a nurse, model, and businesswoman. Also, she is an Advocate of women's Body Positivity. She earned boldest fame for becoming the first plus-size contestant in the Miss Universe pageant in 2023.

In the world of beauty pageants where conventional standards usually prevail, Jane is a woman who broke expectations and made history.

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    Quick Facts

    Jane Dipika Garrett
    Photo: Instagram/@jadedipika_

    Full Name: Jane Dipika Garrett

    Birth Year: 2000

    Birth Place: Kathmandu, Nepal

    Age: 23 years old (as of 2024)

    Profession: Model, Nurse (Advocate of Body Positivity)

    Notable Title: Miss Universe Nepal 2023

    Nationality: American (by birth)

    Religion: Hinduism

    Zodiac Sign: Gemini

    Last Updated: June, 2024

    Top Questions

    • Who is the big girl in Miss Universe 2023?

      Jane was the first 'curvy' woman to compete in national pageants such as Miss Universe. She represented Nepal at Miss Universe and placed in the top 20.

    • Jane Dipika Garrett Nationality

      Jane is a person with dual citizenship. She was born in America and grew up in Nepal. Jane Garrett's permanent nationality is American.

    • What is Jane Dipika Garrett's weight and height?

      Jane Garrett's height is 5 feet 7 inches (170 cm), and she says she weighs 80 kg (176 lbs). She has brown hair and striking black eyes.

    • What is Jane Dipika Garrett's age?

      Jane Garrett is 23 years old now (as per her birthdate). She will turn 24 in October 2024.

    • What are Jane’s professional roles?

      Jane is a Nurse, Model, and Businesswoman by profession. And she advocates for women's hormonal, physical, and mental health.

    • How did Jane Dipika Garrett fare at Miss Universe Nepal?

      In September 2023, Jane created history by winning the prestigious Miss Universe Nepal title. Her victory marked a significant milestone as she became the first-ever plus-size contestant to triumph in a national pageant.

    • Who were top 3 Miss Universe 2023?

      2023 Miss Universe Top 3 Finalists Shine in Embellished Gowns Miss Nicaragua Sheynnis Palacios, Miss Thailand Anntonia Porsild, and Miss Australia Moraya Wilson were named the top three Miss Universe 2023 finalists on Saturday in San Salvador, El Salvador.
      [source: wwd.com]

    Early Days and Education

    This beauty queen was born in October 2000 in the United States and grew up in Kathmandu, Nepal. Her nationality is American. Jane's father is of American and mother Nepali descent, she has one younger brother and sister. Their names are Rajeev Garrett and Priya Garrett.

    Her grandmother is a famous social worker in Nepal. Jane is following her passions in business development and modeling.

    Jane completed her primary and secondary education at the British School in Kathmandu and she has a Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) graduation. She grew up in a multicultural environment and can communicate effortlessly in Nepali, English, and Hindi.

    Career & 72nd Miss Universe Pageant

    Jane Garrett's career began as a Nurse and Entrepreneur. Jane is a powerful advocate for women's hormonal, mental, and physical health. Inspired by her struggles with polycystic ovarian syndrome, she advocates for women's health. Through social media, she promotes diverse beauty standards and works towards normalizing plus-size bodies.

    In November 2023, Jane Dipika Garrett competed for the crown at the Miss Universe pageant in El Salvador, and this disobedient woman placed in the top 20 out of 90 women from around the world. Jane Deepika is being touted as the 'Most Inclusive' in the 72-year history of the Miss Universe pageant.

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    She inspires people around the world and reassures all women by saying, “Every Body Has a Own Beauty, No One Is Insignificant. Just Take Care Of Yourself.”

    Earlier, in September, Jane was crowned Miss Universe Nepal, becoming the first plus-size contestant to win a national pageant. In the swimsuit round of Miss Nepal 2023, Jane's confident walk earned resounding cheers from the audience, and every viewer was mesmerized by her performance.

    Jane's journey to the Miss Universe stage was not a simple one. She was very controversial for her curvy body and the Miss Universe pageant. She has openly talked about her struggles with hormonal issues, weight gain, and stress. Despite all the difficulties, she maintained herself confidently, went ahead and the Miss Nepal 2023 Crowned Girl made it to the Top 20 in the Miss Universe pageant.

    Controversy and Criticism

    Jane disclosed that her weight gain is partially due to PCOS disorder. Many belittled her for her body weight, with some calling her a "whale" and saying her body was 'disgusting'.

    She happily greeted her fans and haters and answered their criticisms,

    “A few years ago, I was a very insecure person and had very low self-esteem. Now, I love myself, and that’s success to me. I think there’s not one way to be beautiful, every woman is beautiful just as they are.”

    — Jane said in an interview with WOW Magazine.

    However, this beauty queen is proving that beauty has no single standard. Regardless of size or shape, all women deserve to be celebrated in the beauty industry.

    Personal Life and Family

    Jane's father is a top businessman in Nepal. He grew up in a multicultural environment; Her mother Jaene Jaene, a former Miss Nepal, and her grandmother is a renowned social activist. Jane has been passionate about business development and modeling, following her grandmother's passion.

    Jane Garrett is single and has not disclosed any information about her current relationship and dating. The mysterious nature of her personal life has created more curiosity among her fans and followers.

    People Also Read

    Jane Dipika Garrett Net Worth

    Jane Dipika Garrett’s net worth is estimated to be more than $1.5 Million USD, as of June 2024. A nurse by profession, Jane earned her wealth through regular beauty pageants and modeling activities. On the other hand, she belongs to a noble family, where Jane's father is a businessman and her mother is a former Miss Nepal.

    7 Points About this Influential Beauty Queen

    • History Maker: Jane has created a blessed history by winning Miss Nepal 2023 as the first plus-size contestant.
    • Cultural Blend: Jane holds dual citizenship in both the United States and Nepal, which provides her with a valuable and distinctive cultural perspective.
    • Model & Entrepreneur: Jane is not just a model but also a nurse and entrepreneur, who focuses on promoting holistic well-being.
    • Educational Brilliance: She holds a Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) degree.
    • The Importance of Self-Care: Despite having a disorder like PSOS, Jane never lost sight of who she was. She went from being a so-called woman through her own personal struggle to making herself like the moon in front of everyone.
    • Body Positivity Advocate: Jane Garrett re-established beauty standards and aimed to empower women beyond societal expectations.
    • Social Media Icon: Jane has 352K+ followers on Instagram, where she promotes body positivity and encourages everyone to embrace their unique beauty.

    Final Words

    Jane Dipika Garrett is the first curvy woman to compete in Miss Universe and gained worldwide attention for participating in the Miss Universe pageant as a plus-size contestant.

    Jane Garrett boldly made history by competing as the first-ever plus-size contestant in Miss Universe, gaining global attention and recognition.

    In an age of conventional beauty pageant standards, she is one woman who has surpassed all expectations and left her mark on history. Through her inspirational story and remarkable achievements, she has proved that anything is possible with determination and perseverance and has become a beacon of hope for those who dare to dream big.

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