Erin Siena Jobs Net Worth (2024) — Earnings, Family & Facts

American Celebrity Kid Erin Siena Jobs Net Worth Is Really USD $1 Million Or More! Read biography and Check out the real facts about her net worth.

Erin Siena Jobs Net Worth

Meet Erin Siena Jobs — Steve Jobs' Second Oldest Daughter

Erin Siena Jobs is mostly well-known as American Business Entrepreneur Steve Jobs' daughter. Erin is the second oldest daughter of Steve Jobs. She was born with a silver spoon in her mouth in a highly influential family, where her late father Steve Jobs was an inventor, industrial planner, business tycoon, and CEO and co-founder of Apple Inc. and mother Laurene Powell is a businesswoman, administrator and promoter of the Emerson Collective and co-founder and chairman of the board of College Track.

Erin Jobs is an architect and designer. She is a very quiet person who always keeps her work and real life away from the media. Discover more about Erin's life, Relationship and career today.

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    Quick Facts

    Erin Siena Jobs
    Photo: X/@josephmensahgh

    Full Name: Erin Siena Jobs

    Born: August 19, 1995
    28 years old

    Place of birth: California, United States of America

    Profession: Architect and Designer

    Marital Status: Single

    Parents: Steve Jobs, Laurene Powell

    Grand Parents: Clara Jobs, Paul Jobs

    Siblings: Eve Jobs, Lisa Brennan-Jobs, Reed Jobs

    Zodiac Sign: Leo

    Religion: Christianity

    Nationality: American

    Last Updated: April, 2024

    Top Questions

    • When was Erin Siena Jobs born?

      The late Apple founder's second-oldest daughter was born on August 19th, 1995 in California. She is 28 years old now.

    • Erin Siena Jobs Education

      Erin completed her graduation from Stanford University. Before graduation, She studied architecture and design at Arizona State University. And before that, she studied at the University of Pennsylvania School of Arts and Sciences.

    • Does Steve Jobs have kids?

      Steve Jobs was the father of four children. Get to know his kids: Lisa Brennan-Jobs (Age: 45), Reed Jobs (31), Erin Siena Jobs (28), and Eve Jobs (25). Lisa Brennan-Jobs' mother's name is Chrisann Brennan, who was Steve Jobs' high-school girlfriend.

    • Who is richer Steve Jobs or Bill Gates?

      Was Steve Jobs richer than Bill Gates? Bill Gate's net worth is significantly greater than that of Steve Jobs. The reason behind this is because earlier on, Steve Jobs diluted most of his company's ownership and took on venture capital, while Bill Gates accumulated wealth.

    • How much is Laurene Powell jobs worth?

      Erin's mother Laurene Powell jobs net worth estimated at $13.5 billion USD in 2024 (according to Forbes).

    • Erin Siena Jobs Instagram
      Erin Siena Jobs Facebook

      She has no Socials. Since Erin Jobs lives a private life, most of her activities are hidden from the public. None of her social media accounts are public.

    Erin Siena Jobs: Inside the Private Life of Steve Jobs’ Daughter

    The architect and designer is from California, United States of America. Born on 19th August 1995, and and Erin Jobs' age is 28 years old, as her birthdate. Her Zodiac sign is Leo.

    She grew up in California with her two siblings. They are Eve (May 1998-) and Reed (Sep 1991-), Eve is younger and Reed is her older brother, she also has a half-sister named Lisa Brennan-Jobs. She is related through her father's friendship with the American painter and writer Chris Brennan.

    Educational background

    At the beginning of the study, Erin went to elementary and high schools in California, then she attend the University of Pennsylvania School of Arts and Sciences. Later, she began pursuing architecture and design at Arizona State University.
    Erin completed her graduation from Stanford University, in 2017.

    Career and Professional Life

    What does Erin Siena Jobs do for a living?

    28 years old, Erin is known to have no specific profession, but she is an architect and designer. She has a focus on this matter and it is a known fact that she is also good at architecture and design. Erin and her older brother Reed were inspired by architecture and design from childhood by their father, who had a great knowledge of design.

    How Much is Erin Siena Jobs Net Worth?

    $50 Billion

    Erin Jobs started her life from a so-called luxury family in America and her late father, Steve Jobs is worth around $10.2 billion. But the late billionaire made it a condition that most of his financial fortune would not be left to his children. However, there is no official information on Erin's net worth as she is actually a very private person. However, some sources say her estimated net worth ranges from $100,000 to $1 Million USD in 2024.

    Being an architect and designer by profession, she earns most of her net worth through this. However, with all the money and luxury, Erin lives a modest life with her siblings and family.

    Erin's mother Lauren Powell has been recognized as the richest woman in the technology industry, and in 2016 Erin's family was the 44th richest billionaire family in the world.
    Source: Forbes

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    Personal life and Erin's Parents

    Erin's Beloved Parents Had a Blissful Love Story. Erin's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Jobs' had a Blissful love story. They first met in 1989, at the Stanford Graduate School of Business, then began dating, and were traditionally engaged on March 18, 1991.

    Erin was her father adore and she had an emotionally distant relationship with her father.

    Who is Erin Siena Jobs' husband?

    The architect is not get married yet. It is not clear whether she is dating anyone or not. Because she is completely out of the media world and hidden from the public eye. On the other hand, her half-sister Lisa is married and sister Eve is known to have been engaged in several relationships.

    The public's curiosity about her personal life has increased due to the fact that her social media accounts are hidden.

    October 2011 and Steve Jobs' Death

    It was 2003, when Steve Jobs was diagnosed with cancer. He had a type of cancer that, although curable, he refused to surgery for nine months. Later the cancer progressed and he died on October 5, 2011 after 8 years.

    After the death of Steve Jobs in 2011, his wife took over as his investment manager and gained control of the “Steven P. Jobs Trust”, which mainly provides scholarships to deserving students around the world.

    After Erin lost her father, she belonged with her present family, her mother, and her siblings in Palo Alto, California.

    People Also Read

    Erin Siena Jobs' Height and Weight

    Erin Jobs is a tall and slim figure girl. She is 5 ft 5 in or 165 cm tall. Erin weighs about 53 kg (117lb) and She has dark brown eyes and light brown hair.

    Erin's Sister Eve Jobs

    Erin's younger sister Eve Jobs is an American Model and Fashion Artist. And on the other hand, she is an Equestrian and has won multiple prizes competing for the United States. Her net worth is over $15 million USD.

    7 Must-know Facts About This Millionaire

    • Forbes magazine listed Erin's family in the 44th position on their annual list of the world's billionaires. [source: Forbes]
    • Her family has a Net worth of $20 Billion USD.
    • Her Favorite actor and actresses are Johnny Depp and Emma Watson.
    • Erin's father Steve Jobs, when he was alive, he fully forbade his children from using social media until they were adults.
    • Erin likes biking and swimming.
    • She is an Animal lover.
    • Paris is her favorite vacation spot.

    Final Words

    Erin Jobs is best known as the child of American business entrepreneur Steve Jobs and his wife Laurene Powell. Erin Siena always likes to keep her personal life hidden from everyone and she is an architect. The famous architect and designer Erin Siena Jobs Net Worth is estimated to be around $100,000 to $1 million USD.

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