Sandeep Maheshwari Biography & Net Worth | 3 Brilliant Lessons from His Life

A motivational speaker, professional photographer, and brand associate Sandeep Maheshwari is a high-profile Indian entrepreneur who has won the Young Creative Entrepreneur Award from the British Council.

Sandeep Maheshwari Biography

Who is Sandheep Maheshwari?

Sandeep Maheshwari is an Indian entrepreneur, YouTuber, photographer, and motivational public speaker, who is a renowned name among the youth for his inspirational words. As a passion and profession for photography, he is the founder and CEO of ImagesBazaar, the largest collection of Indian images in the world. ImagesBazaar has 7000+ clients in more than 45 countries all over the world.

He has received several awards and has also appeared in India Today, The Economic Times, CNBC-TV18, IBN7, ET Now, and many other leading magazines, and television channels.

Maheshwari also has two YouTube channels, 'Sandeep Maheshwari' and 'Sandeep Maheshwari Spirituality', which have 28.5 million and 1.67 million subscribers respectively.

Maheshwari is widely recognized as a motivational speaker who conducts life-changing seminars and sessions. Explore his updated Net Worth, and Read Sandeep Maheshwari's Biography & life journey.

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    Quick Facts

    Sandeep Maheshwari Facts
    Photo: Instagram/Sandeep Maheshwari

    Name: Sandeep Maheshwari

    Born: September 28, 1980

    Birth Palce: New Delhi, India

    Occupation: Entrepreneur • Photographer • Motivational Speaker

    Spouse(s): Ruchi Maheshwari (m. 2012)

    Parents: Roop Kishore Maheshwari (father), Shakuntala Rani Maheshwari (mother)

    Religion: Hinduism

    Nationality: Indian

    Zodiac Sign: Libra

    Last Updated: March, 2024

    Top Questions

    • What is Sandeep Maheshwari world record?

      Sandeep made a world record by taking more than 10,000+ shots of 122 models in just 10 hours and 45 minutes.

    • What is the educational qualification of Sandeep Maheshwari?

      While completing his B.Com degree, Sandeep left the college due to insufficient family finances and some personal reasons. Educational status: B.Com (Drop-out).

    • Where Does Sandeep Maheshwari Get Most Of His Money From?

      Sandeep Maheshwari's main source of income is Imagesbazaar, he is the CEO and founder of it.

    • Does Sandeep Maheshwari Make Money Off Of His YouTube Content?

      No, Sandeep Maheshwari doesn’t monetize his channel content. His YouTube channel is completely free from all kinds of ads, subscriptions, and sponsorships.

    • Which company CEO is Sandeep Maheshwari?

      Sandeep Maheshwari is the CEO and Founder of Imagesbazaar, the world's largest Indian photo search engine. Where more than 1 million photographs, illustrations, videos, and 3D images are stored.

    • What is Sandeep Maheshwari's age?

      Sandeep is 43 years old now. He turned 44 on September 28, 2024.

    Early life and Education History

    Born on 18th September 1980 in New Delhi. Sandeep grew up in a middle-class family in Delhi, Sandeep father’s name is Roop Kishore Maheshwari and his mother’s name is Shakuntala Rani Maheshwari.

    His father is an aluminum business owner, and his mother is a housewife. Sandeep has one sibling (sister).

    Sandeep is a B.Com (Drop-out) graduate. He completed his primary and secondary education in Delhi. After completing intermediate, Sandeep has pursued Bachelors in Commerce from Kirori Mal College (KMC), Delhi. However, he didn’t complete college and dropped out during his final year.

    His first entrepreneurial endeavor was creating a Help Center to assist 12th-grade graduates with career decision-making. And with that intention of guiding the youth, he published a booklet titled “What To Do After 12th?.”

    • Education: B.Com (Drop-out)
    • Alma mater: Kirori Mal Collge, University of Delhi

    Career Success & 3 Brilliant Lessons from His Life

    He started his career by modeling in 1999. But after his bad experience in modeling, he came out of there and he decided to help all the models who have to go through this kind of unexpected situation and harassment. Earlier, when Sandeep was still young, he joined with his father in their family aluminum business which later became completely defunct.

    He then tried his best to support his family financially, he then dropped out of college; When he was pursuing his B.Com graduation. Around 2001, he started his own company, Mash Audio Visual Pvt. Ltd, which was used to create portfolios of models.

    Then in 2002, Sandeep and his three friends started a new company but due to some unplanned actions, they could not succeed and it eventually closed down. He didn't stop there though, in 2003 he published some books on marketing. However, he failed again and returned to photography.

    Out of his creativity and passion for photography, he founded ImagesBazaar, in 2006 and made it his career. is the top collection of Indian stock images.

    In 2012, he started a YouTube channel named 'Sandeep Maheshwari', where he shares his life struggles and motivational words for people to succeed in life. It has 28.5 million subscribers so far and is completely free from all kinds of ads, subscriptions, and sponsorships.
    Maheshwari owns two YouTube channels 'Sandeep Maheshwari' and 'SandeepMaheshwariSpirituality', which is the first and largest not-for-profit YouTube channel in the world.

    Rowing through the ups and downs, he learned the true meaning of life. Even after falling several times in life, he has stood up like this; As if Sandeep Maheswari is an idol for success in the life of the youth.

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    • Sandeep Maheshwari taking 10,000+ photos of 122 models in 10 hours 45 minutes, setting a world record.
    • Sandeep Maheshwari’s "Life Changing Seminar Video" entered the Guinness World Records as the World’s Most Viewed Life Changing Self-Education Video in July 2021.
    • Source: The CEO Magazine India

    Personal Life & Relationship

    Sandeep met Ruchi Maheshwari when he was in 11th standard. The two of them were very close friends then and their love story started as a friendship. Later, their bond deepens through mutual bonding and the embrace of their own minds.

    He started dating Ruchi Maheshwari from his college days and they got married in 2012. They live in New Delhi, India. They have a son Hridiya Maheshwari, and a daughter.

    Sandeep with his wife Ruchi Maheshwari-


    In December 2023, Sandeep Maheshwari accused Vivek Bindra of running a Rs 500 crore scam. He said the courses sold by the company at Bindra's Bada Business Pvt. Ltd resembled a multi-level marketing scheme.

    On December 21, Sandeep uploaded a video on his YouTube titled “Stop Vivek Bindra” with the hashtag "#StopVivekBindra", where thousands of people are claiming that they are facing problems with Dr. Bindra's big business course. They said they should refund the course fee but it was denied.

    In this video Sandeep Maheshwari assures them that he will take legal action against Bindra and help them get back their course fees.

    Bindra, on the other hand, responded in a video titled “#Janeman Biggest Controversy” and said Maheshwari should have discussed the issue with his team and heard the other side of the story.

    Sandeep Maheshwari Net Worth

    Sandeep Maheshwari's net worth is $5 million (in INR: Rs. 30 Crores), as of 2024. Sandeep generates his income from various streams, especially through his motivational speeches, book publishing on entrepreneurship, television activities, and seminars. But most of his revenue comes from ImagesBazaar.

    Net Worth (2024) $5 Million
    Net Worth In Indian Rupees 30 Crore INR
    Wealth Source ImagesBazaar
    Monthly Income 30 Lakhs+
    Yearly Income 4 Crore+

    Info Last Updated: February 2024

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    Sandeep Maheshwari's Genius Quotes

    Sandeep is one of the top 5 motivational speakers in India. Sandeep Maheshwari has pinned many motivational quotes on Learning from failures, and motivation for students and entrepreneurs. Here are some famous ones —

    “Not a Thousand. Find ONE BIG REASON to do what you really want. That's enough”
    — Sandeep Maheshwari

    “If you are searching for that person who will change your life, take a look in the Mirror.”
    — Sandeep Maheshwari

    Sandeep Maheshwari Quotes: Smile To Change The World, Don't Let The World Change Your Smile

    Awards Received by Sandeep Maheshwari

    After starting life as an entrepreneur, he has won several awards for his innovative creativity. He is also credited for motivational speaking and seminars on various television shows. His awards and achievements include,

    • Creative Entrepreneur of the Year 2013 by Entrepreneur India Summit
    • Young Creative Entrepreneur Award by the British Council, a division of the British High Commission
    • One of India's Most Promising Entrepreneurs by "Business World" magazine
    • Pioneer of Tomorrow Award by the "ET Now" television channel

    Sandeep Maheshwari Recommended Books For Life Shine

    • Think & Grow Rich by Napolean Hill
    • See You At The Top by Zig Ziglar
    • The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People by Stephen R. Covey
    • The Power of Positive Thinking by Norman Vincent Peale
    • The Magic of Thinking Big by David J. Schwartz
    • Srimad Bhagavad Gita (as it is)
    • The Holy Bible (A must-read for all.)
    • Rumi by Farrukh Dhondy (Heart-to-heart words.)
    View More Book List

    Final words

    Sandeep always believes these words, "If you think it's easy, it's easy otherwise not" and his life mantra is – Aasaan Hai! (It is Easy!)

    Sandeep Maheshwari’s life is a testament to resilience and the power of unwavering determination. Through entrepreneurial ventures, motivational endeavors, and his selfless guidance, he has redefined success and inspired countless individuals to believe in their potential.

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