Marc Anthony Thompson | Songs, Age, Wife, Career & Achievements

Panamanian Singer and Songwriter Marc Anthony Thompson known for his albums: ‘Black Music’ and ‘Godmusic.’

Marc Anthony Thompson

Who is Tessa Thompson's Father, Marc Anthony Thompson?

Marc Anthony is a popular eclectic singer and songwriter; Marc Anthony Thompson is famous Musical Artist from Panama. Who created the musical collective band (musical ensemble) Chocolate Genius, Inc.

He is best known for his work under the stage name "Chocolate Genius" and has released several famous albums in his career, including "Black Music" and "Swansongs." His style is generally jazz and folk, but he is most expert in R&B Music. A great saxophonist, Charlie Parker was his growing-up idol.

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    Quick Facts

    Studio portrait of Chocolate Genius, Marc Anthony Thompson, de Kaaiman, Antwerpen, Belgium, 6th September 1999
    Photo: Gie Knaeps/Getty Images

    Name: Marc Anthony Thompson

    Nick Name: Chocolate Genius

    Born: Sep 16, 1968 • Panama

    Age: 55 years old (in 2024)

    Profession: Singer-songwriter

    Spouse/Wife: Kate Sterlin

    Children: Tessa Thompson | Zsela Thompson

    Horoscope: Virgo

    Nationality: American

    Last Updated: Feb, 2024

    Top Questions

    • What is Chocolate Genius, Inc. actually?

      Chocolate Genius, Inc. is a complete musical collective band (1998-) founded by Marc Anthony Thompson and based in New York. Artists involved with the band are Marc Ribot, Chris Whitley, Vernon Reid as Guitarist, John Medeski (keyboards), Chris Wood (Bass), and Marc as a Vocalist.

    • Who is Tessa Thompson Father?

      Marc Anthony Thompson is the father of actress Tessa and singer Zsela Thompson. Zsela is Tessa's half-sister and their mother's name is Kate Sterlin.

    • Marc Anthony Thompson Songs

      Thompson has been singing for movies, TV shows, and adverts since his beginning. In addition, Thompson has published more than 11 solo albums and many songs with the band Chocolate Genius. Among them are 'Watts and Paris' (1989), I Remember Everything, Can I Change My Mind, GodMusic (2001), and 'Truth vs. Beauty' (2016).
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    • Marc Anthony Thompson Wife

      Marc Anthony is in a relationship with Kate Sterlin and is known to be married. Kate is a photographer. You can check Kate Sterlin Linkedin for details!

    • Marc Anthony Thompson Daughter

      Marc Anthony has two daughters actually. Tessa Thompson and Zsela Thompson, Zsela is Tessa's half-sister. Tessa is a famous Hollywood actress and Zsela is a music artist.

    • Marc Anthony Thompson Age?

      Thompson's age is 55 years per her birthdate.

    Earlier life and The Beginning of Chocolate Genius

    Marc Anthony was born on 16th September, 1968 in Panama, New York. Thompson raised in California, and started music in his teens. Then formed the band Chocolate Genius in the 1980s. Chocolate Genius, better known as Chocolate Genius, Inc.

    He has since released several famous solo albums under the name Chocolate Genius, noted “Chocolate Genius,” “Watts & Paris,” “Crimes Against Nature,” and “Sleeping Beauty.” He has also collaborated with many artists throughout his whole music career, including Andrew Bird, Ani DiFranco, and German singer-songwriter Meshell Ndegeocello. Thompson's music is known for emotional depth and powerful storytelling.

    Marc Anthony Thompson's Career

    Thompson has been active in his career since 1982, and made his musical debut in 1984 with the album Marc Anthony Thompson. Also he is known for American Splendor (2003), Everyday People (2004), and My Bloody Valentine (2009).

    Music career

    One of the unique aspects of Thompson's career is his ability to create music that is deeply personal and widely relatable. Through her soulful voice and poetic lyrics, Thompson reaches out to all people. His works have gained critical acclaim and a devoted fan base.

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    1984 to 1989

    As a kid, he listened to the music of Bob Marley, Marvin Gaye, and Bob Dylan and soon realized that the stories inside their songs made him want to become a musician. Marc moved to Los Angeles from Panama as a child. After arriving in LA he was exposed to various musicians and songwriters who influenced him deeply for music.

    He started by learning to play the flute and later switched to the saxophone, but he started out wanting to be a jazz artist. He then decided to write his own music and released two albums through Warner Music Group. His early solo albums are 'Mark Anthony Thompson' (1984) and 'Watts and Paris' (1989).

    He has released several high-class albums through his music collective Chocolate Genius, INC. Among them are Black Music (1998), GodMusic (2001), and Black Yankee (2005).

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    The 2005 Black Yankee Rock album was reportedly produced by some of elite New York musicians, including Marc Ribot, Van Dyke Parks, Yuka Honda, Oren Blodow, Michel Ndeziocello, and others. The musician’s next album with Chocolate Genius was Swansongs (One Little Indian Records/No Format!), which was released in 2010, then Truth vs. Beauty in 2016, the fifth album.

    Other Works

    Besides his music career, he has appeared in GodMusic (2001), Black Yankee Rock (2005), and many other films and theatre productions.

    Thompson composed music for Twin Falls Idaho (1999), American Splendor (2003), Brother to Brother (2004) and several other American films.

    Scores and Achievement

    Marc received the first major award in his career for sound design, in 1997 he won an award for his incredible sound design in an American film, "A Huey P. Newton Story". It was an Obie Award.

    A recording of the song Julia, from the album "The Beatles", became part of the soundtrack to the American melodrama film I'm Sam (2001). In 2006, Thompson lined up with American singer Bruce Springsteen on The Sessions Band tour, playing acoustic guitar and providing backing vocals.

    He has scored film and theatre productions. Known for composing music in these films Urbania (2000), A Huey P. Newton Story (2001), Everyday People (2004), and Rodney King (2017). He composed the music for the drama "Everyday People" and also played a character named Marc in it.

    Marc Anthony Thompson's Songs and First Album

    Thompson actually started releasing his music in 1984, with the album named "Mark Anthony Thompson."
    Listen to Marc

    His career-best Music and Albums include "I Remember Everything," So Fine, Blue With Me, Happy Time, Dog In The Road, Can I Change My Mind, I Never Promised, Alot Of Girls, Lullabye Drive and etc.


    Chocolate Genius

    • Black Music (1998)
    • GodMusic (2001)
    • Black Yankee Rock (2005)
    • Swansongs (2010, One Little Indian Records)
    • Truth vs. Beauty (2016)

    Marc Anthony Thompson

    • Marc Anthony Thompson (1984, Warner Bros. Records)
    • Watts and Paris (1989)
    • Like A Brother album 'Sleeping Beauty'
    • Life album 'Sleeping Beauty'
    • Mantra album 'Watts & Paris'
    • Mingus album 'Chocolate Genius'
    • All album 'Chocolate Genius'
    • My Mom album 'Crimes Against Nature'
    • Half A Man album 'Black Music'
    • Truth album 'Black Music'
    • God's Radar album 'Swansongs'
    • Sit & Spin album 'Crimes Against Nature'
    Listen All The Track

    Marc Anthony Thompson Net Worth

    According to sources available at the time, Thompson's estimated net worth was around $1 Million USD. As an artist, His main source of income is singing, writing, and composing music.

    Owning musical projects, theater productions and his work in some films have notably increased his net worth. This may vary depending on album sales, concert tours, and other factors.

    However, it is important to note that net worth estimates may change over time and may not always be completely accurate.

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    Personal Life, Family and Daughter Tessa Thompson

    Thompson is very reserved about his personal life. Much of his early life is not known to the public still. Grew up with his family in Los Angeles and he became famous after moving to L.A. from New York. He has done all his famous works here. Thompson is currently in a relationship with Kate Sterlin; she is a photographer.

    They have two daughters named Tessa Thompson and Zsela Thompson. Tessa Thompson is a famous Hollywood actress, and Zsela is a music composer and artist.

    Marc adores his daughter Tessa.

    In 2005, she made her screen debut with a mystery crime drama named 'Cold Case.' Her box-office blockbusters include 'Selma' (2014) and Marvel Studios' hit franchise 'Thor' (2017).

    Moreover, very little is known about Thompson's daily life as he is very reserved about his personal life.

    Some Lesser Known Facts About This Musical Legend

    • Until now Chocolate Genius, Inc has a total of 7 albums so far.
    • Thompson designed the soundtrack for the 1998 film 'Next Stop Wonderland.'
    • His first band was called The B-Boys, and after that, he founded Chocolate Genius, Inc in the 1980s.
    • Thompson is known for his eclectic style, modern R&B, jazz, and rock in his music.
    • He is a confirmed Spotify vocalist and and now this time he has 16 Thounds+ Monthly Listeners on Spotify.

    Final Words

    Marc Anthony Thompson is a famous music artist, Rhythm & Blues Singers from Panama. Creating Chocolate Genius, Inc is the real reason for his fame. He became more well-known for publish this band. The biggest and most famous works of his music career are 'Black Music' and 'God Music'. Outside of the music world, many people only know him for his daughter, Tessa Thompson.

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