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International popstar Dharia released her first album in 2018 and made a boom in the pop music industry. And she is known for such No. 1 hits as “Cold As Ice,” “Cry For You,” and “August Diaries.”

Dharia Singer

Who is Popular Singer Dharia?

Romanian talented singer and songwriter Dharia entered the music world at the age of 13 and has captured the hearts of audiences worldwide with her catchy tunes and incredible musical skills. Daria Comănescu is her real name but she is mostly known as Dharia professionally.

Ever since her first single, ‘Sugar & Brownies,’ Dharia's voice found fame and she is one of the top pop music artists now worldwide. She has more than 7 million monthly listeners on Spotify. Her notable pieces of music include, "August Diaries," "Left Untold," "Cry For You" and others.

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    Quick Facts

    Photo: Twitter/@dhariaartist

    Real Name: Daria Comănescu

    Born: February 22, 2005

    Birth Place: Romania

    Occupation: Singer • Song Writer

    Genre: Dance/Electronic

    Nationality: Romanian

    Horoscope: Pisces

    Religion: Christian

    Last Updated: April, 2024

    Top Questions

    • Why Dharia is so popular?

      Dharia is famous for her fancy voice and is a musical artist with a unique skill.

    • How old is Dharia?

      Dharia is 19 years old now. She is turning 20, on February 22, 2025.

    • Where is Dharia from?

      Dharia is from Rome, Italy. Her hometown is Constanța and currently, she is spending her daily life in America.

    • What is Dharia's nationality?

      She is a Romanian by birth.

    • What is the actual height of Dharia?

      In centimeters- 167 cm
      In meters- 1.67 m
      In Feet Inches- 5'5"

    Where Is Dharia From?

    Daria Comănescu Dharia was born on 22th February, 2007, in Romania, and this is where she grew up in her early life. She is 19 years old now in 2024. Dharia’s hometown is Constanța; here she completed her early education. Her zodiac sign is Pisces.

    Music Career

    Daria Comanescu is one of the young pop artists in Romania, who started her musical journey at the age of 13. Then early in her music life, she used to appear on social media and share her innovative vocal content with her followers.

    Along with her social media presence, Dharia started to build a music career by releasing her debut single titled "Sugar & Brownies" in late 2018. Her first single received an overwhelmingly positive response from the audience and the song instantly became a global sensation, gaining massive attention, especially on TikTok.

    Her second single was "August Diaries" in 2020. Both songs were published by the Romanian record label, Thrace Music. She is now a regular artist in the Romanian pop industry and continues to impress audiences across various music platforms. As of November 2023, she has more than 7 Million monthly listeners on Spotify in 183 countries worldwide. Her most recent album is "Miles Above."

    She has sung a total of 11 hit songs till now and has written 4 songs including 'August Diaries.' She also wrote her first hit Sugar and Brownies with her sister Larina. One of today’s biggest pop stars Inna and She, are both from Romania.

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    Songs and Albums: 'August Diaries' and 'Sugar and Brownies'

    Sugar & Brownies was popstar Dharia's first career hit and one of the biggest hits song in the pop music industry. The song has so far been played more than 568 Million times on YouTube. “Sugar & Brownies” was written and composed by Dharia, and was released through the Romanian music label Thrace Music.

    Her second hit was “August Diaries” in 2020. This was also released under the banner of Thrace Music on March 06, 2020. The song became much viral on social media soon after its release and these two musical hits brought her worldwide popularity.

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    Hit Songs

    Dharia is regularly listed among the top artists on the Thrace Music musical label. Her first chart-topping hit, “Sugar & Brownies,” came out on October 14, 2018, via Thrace Music. Then, in 2020 she released two sensational albums titled “Tara Rita” and “August Diaries.” Her other top-hit songs include:

    • “Sugar & Brownies”
    • “Tara Rita”
    • “August Diaries”
    • “Cry For You”
    • “Incredible”
    • “Tara Rita” (Solven Remix)
    • “Incredible” (Robert Cristian Remix)
    • “Left Untold”
    • “Cold As Ice”
    • “Miles Above”

    Dharia Height & Weight

    Dharia is a slim and impressive-looking young girl. Her height is 167 cm i.e 5.5 feet. And Her weight is 47kg which is equal to 102 lbs. She has eye-catchy brown hair, and often she blends them with different hair colors.

    What is Dharia's Net Worth?

    Dharia is one of the richest young girls and is listed as the most popular singer in Rome nowadays. Ever since she accepted singing as a profession, she has earned her revenue through singing, songwriting, and various online sponsorships. Her net worth increased significantly in 2020-2021. Dharia's net worth is approximately $44.2K in 2024, according to Popnable database.

    Revenue Info Last Updated: April 04, 2024


    • Dharia is better known as Daria Comănescu in Romania.
    • She is a ranked artist on the Thrace Music musical label.
    • She loves to wear black always.
    • She likes to watch thriller genre movies and her favorite actors and actresses are Leonardo DiCaprio and Jennifer Lopez.
    • Dharia's favorite hobby is mainly traveling, and her favorite place is Paris.
    • Her favorite food is Pizza, and her favorite color is Blue.

    Final Words

    Dharia is a brilliant pop music artist from Romania, who gained worldwide fame for her musical prowess at a young age. She has also been a part of global hits such as Tink's “Count on You” and Brianna’s “Lost In Istanbul” during this short period of her career. She has become a bookmarked artist to the audience since her debut album in 2018.

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